This is Hälso- och Sjukvårdsnätverket

We are the Network with Patient focus in Sweden

Hälso- och sjukvårdsnätverket (Health and Health Care Network) is the meeting place for all with patient or professional interest within Health and Healthcare in Sweden.

Together we discuss and produce effective solutions that meet patients need of care. Our solutions benefits both patient, health care personnel and the society.

In our discussions we always discuss differerent subjects from the patient perspectives. Patient groups provides us with information about their needs at the moment.

Among our members you will find patients, care givers, polititians, scientists, healthcare personnel, regional directors, health product developers, pharmaceutical companies, science parks …

Knowledge exchange, study visits and network meetings

Together we go on study visits and have both digital and physical network meetings.

All members knowledge, ideas and market information is found on this web platform.

Unique insights in patient life

All members can read about patients situations in Sweden right now. What do they need to get their health back or have a higher quality of life? What kind of health care injuries can be avoided? And what do the patients suggestions for better health products and health care? All this information is found in a database runned by the network.

The members are the Network

No active members = no network.

To have an active network all members contributes with:

  • their knowledge, own experiences from without ability.
  • pariticpation in discussions
  • collaborations with other members.
  • take part of knowledge from other members “this is what we do and done that is working”.
  • give your knowledge to other members.
  • invite members to your own events.
  • participate as an moderator in a network meeting.

How to collaborate with us

We are open for suggestions to be part of events, collaboration projects…

Welcome to contact us,

Maria Lindqvist, Patient and Founder of the Network

Our collaborations

All.Can – members